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Medication on Overnight Field Trips

Medication on Overnight Field Trips

If your child requires medication of any kind (prescription or over-the-counter) an Authorization to Administer Medication at School form must be submitted and the medication must be provided to the Nurse at least 2 days prior to departure.

 The Authorization to Administer Medication form must be completed by you and your child's physician for every medication your child requires or may require during the field trip. All medications need to be kept in their original containers. Please consider any regular medication that your child may take daily at home and or any medication that they may need for common ailments (headaches, stomachaches, sore throats, allergies, stuffy nose, etc.) while they are away. 

If you would like your child to self-carry and self-administer their medications, please make sure that is indicated at the bottom of the authorization form. Medications that are self carried still need to be checked by the school nurse before packed in the student's luggage. 

If you already have submitted a Medication Authorization form for this school year, you do not need to get another one completed unless the dose requirement changes. 

If you are a parent chaperone, you may administer medications to your own child without written authorization but you may not administer medication to other students. 

Your child may not bring any medication on the field trip if a Medication Authorization Form and the medication is not submitted before leaving on the trip. 

Please contact the school nurse, Cassandra Ornelas RN, BSN if you have any questions at 969-3249 ext 405.