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Food Service

Montecito Union School District is currently providing free breakfast and lunch for all students


Welcome NuCuisine!
As a direct result of parent and student feedback in recent surveys, and with the enthusiastic recommendation of a panel of teachers, staff members, parents, and students, we are excited to let you know that we have a new school breakfast and lunch provider: NuCuisine Catering!  The food was absolutely delicious, and we are excited that NuCuisine Catering is open to creating a program that meets the needs and matches the values of MUS.  The cost for students: absolutely nothing!

NuCuisine Catering has been providing school lunch programs in Santa Barbara for 13 years.  Currently, they serve lunch and breakfast at Riviera Ridge (Marymount) and have also provided lunches for Bishop Diego High School and Hope School.  The owner of NuCuisine is chef Koji Nomura, a local resident who has owned and operated Santa Barbara restaurants including Piranha Sushi Bar, Rocks Restaurant, California Noodle Kitchen, Miso Hungry, Santa Barbara Tennis Club, and was the Executive Chef at Oku Restaurant.  He has mastered sushi and Japanese culinary skills, however that is not his only focus.  Mission driven, Mr. Nomura started serving school lunches when his own children's school needed support in providing healthier meal options.  He has a passion for organic, healthy food, a commitment to reducing food waste and packaging, and has a mission of educating through practice and bringing the community together.

There will be two breakfast services to choose from: one at 8:10 and one at morning recess, as well as a lunch service.  There is no cost for any student, though each student is limited to one breakfast and one lunch daily.  In order to reduce food waste and keep the school's costs low, we will require you to pre-order breakfast and lunch.  This means that students will not be able to switch to the school lunch if it looks delicious but they have already brought their lunch from home!  We'll be starting simply with one entree for breakfast and lunch daily, though we will have vegetarian items as well as entrees available for those with common food allergies.  More details will be sent on or before August 15 with a menu and ordering instructions.

We invite you to meet Mr. Nomura (and maybe even get a little taste of the delicious food!) during the August 19 Back to School Picnic.