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Montecito Union Monitor (MUM)

 Submission Guidelines

The Montecito Union Monitor (MUM) is a monthly publication that highlights the wonderful events, committees, teachers, staff, students and parents of Montecito Union School. 

 Please use the following guidelines for submitting an article for the MUM.

1.    All submissions are due to the MUM editor, by 8pm as noted on the deadline chart below.  Submissions received after the 8pm deadline will be used in the following month’s MUM Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the editor and will include but not be limited to:

                  •    If the information in the submission is date/time sensitive.

                  •    Extenuating circumstances resulting in a late submission (in this instance, the editor must be notified prior to the 8pm deadline in order to allow for space in the newsletter). 

2.     All submissions must follow the California PTA Publication Guidelines.  Please browse the link: 

3.    All submissions must be in Arial 12 font and fully edited and ready to be published.

4.     Content should be concise and informative.

5.     Submissions should be sent as an attachment in an email. 

6.     Photographs should be sent as separate files.  In an effort to keep the MUM document size down, a single image from an event might be used.